ASD-WebTec: Software Solutions






There are literally thousands of business programs on the market.  Finding the right programs for
     your specific business needs is essential.  Otherwise, you are wasting valuable resources.

ASD-WebTec IT professionals give you support with consulting and full instructional services for
    Microsoft Windows 95/98, Millennium, Microsoft NT, and Microsoft Windows XP.

ASD-WebTec will help you determine your need for various utility & specialty programs ranging
from the Microsoft Office XP, Anti-Virus Utilities, Audio & Video Editing,
Database Management, etc.

ASD-WebTec gives you graphics program support, including such programs as Paint Shop Pro,
    Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft PowerPoint and many more.



Anyone can supply you with programs.  ASD-WebTec goes beyond by working with you and your employees to make sure that you get the most for your money.  Having the programs on your computer does not solve your needs.  Knowing how to use each program to its' fullest does.


'Good Solutions For Your Company'

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